An Open Letter from Pivot Point’s CEO | Black Lives Matter
Dear Friends,
From all of us at Pivot Point International, we would like to reach out and express our deepest appreciation and solidarity to the Black community and all communities of color during this difficult time. The anger and hurt they feel needs to be acknowledged and addressed. We mourn the losses that so many people incur from systemic racism. 
At Pivot Point, we stand for justice, equality, and fair and respectful treatment of all people.  Doing what’s right and making a difference are central to our core values.  Accordingly, we will do everything we can to foster social change.  There is no neutrality when it comes to racism. We understand that silence condones and supports racist behavior and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE to us.
From our earliest days, Pivot Point has striven to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to the needs and wants of communities of color around the world. We recognize the contributions people of color have made to the beauty industry and believe our industry is better because of them. 
We all play a part in healing and creating a world that’s safe for diverse people. Through our collective efforts of unity and kindness, we can help build a more just and bias-free society. While we endure the uncertainty of a pandemic and witness the tragedies ignited by systemic racism and oppression, it is my belief that we can unite and learn and grow in partnership for the good of all people and what is right. The Pivot Point family will listen to your voices and raise ours as we move forward with the call for real change and the pursuit of diversity, justice and equality. 
We can do better. Let’s do more together.
Robert Passage, 
Chairman & CEO
Pivot Point International, Inc.
Originally published on June 5th in North America.

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