Our Vision




Pivot Point Education, Ltd. aspires to be the partner of choice for training organisations and employers. Within the industry we aim to make a difference and, through our customers, offer every new recruit the chance to gain strong foundational skills in a conducive learning environment.



  1. Listen to our customers to develop educational programmes that challenge, stimulate and offer progression beyond level 2.
  2. With our customers and colleagues identify ways to improve participation in level 3 programmes.
  3. Through our education programmes showcase hairdressing as a career that is forward thinking, rewarding and professional.
  4. To work with training organisations and employers to develop greater synergy and recognition providing benefits to everyone; successful outcomes, a commercial hairdresser that contributes to the salon and has great earning potential.

How Pivot Point Mannequins Are Made


Ever wonder how our mannequins are made? There are many steps that include cuticle smoothing, bathing, conditioning, drying, hackling, mask makeup, implantation, and much more. This carefully executed process gives you the most realistic educational experience possible!